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{{Infobox Film
|image =
|release = September 27, 2019
|director = [[Tim Johnson]]<br />[[Todd Wilderman]]
|music =
|distributor = [[Universal Studios|Universal Pictures]]
|producer = [[Suzanne Buirgy]]
|writer = [[William Davies]]
|studio = [[DreamWorks Animation]]<br />[[Oriental DreamWorks]]
|language = English
|budget =
|preceded = ''[[How to Train Your Dragon 3]]'' (2019)
|followed = ''[[Trolls 2]]'' (2020)}}
'''''Everest''''' is an upcoming computer animated film, due to be released on September 27, 2019 in USA.
A magical Yeti must return to his family. While on his quest, he must overcome his greatest fears while traveling through different dimensions.
*This is the first [[DreamWorks Animation]] film to be released in September, followed by ''[[The Croods 2]]'' and ''[[Spooky Jack]]''.
*Coincidentally, [[Universal Studios|Universal Pictures]], DreamWorks Animation's current distributor and parent company since 2016, had made [[Wikipedia:Everest (2015 film)|an unrelated film with the same title in 2015]].
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[[Category:2010s films]]

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