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== Cast ==
== Cast ==
* [[Chloe Bennet]] as Yi
* [[Chloe Bennet]] as Yi
*Justin Long as TBA
*Steve Carell as TBA
*Armie Hammer as TBA
*Ciarán Hinds as TBA
*Luke Evans as TBA
*Chris Cooper as TBA
*Rachel Nichols as TBA
*Steve Buscemi as TBA
*Cate Blanchett as TBA
*Trey Parker as TBA
*Nathan Fillion as TBA
*F. Murray Abraham as TBA
*Jodi Benson as TBA
*Michael J. Fox as TBA
*Sally Field as TBA
*Ellen DeGeneres as TBA
*Andy Garcia as TBA
*Albert Brooks as TBA
*Billy Crystal as TBA
*William Petersen as TBA
*Eva Mendes as TBA
*R. Lee Ermey as TBA
#IDGAF - Performed by Dua Lipa
#Youngblood - Performed by 5 Seconds Of Summer
#On Top Of The World - Performed by Imagine Dragons
#Legendary Lovers - Performed by Katy Perry
#Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Disney's Storyteller Series) - Narrated by Chuck Riley
#Fantasia 2000 (Storyette) - Narrated by Pat Carroll 
#A Bug's Life (Disney's Storyteller Series) - Narrated by Kat Cressida
#Mulan (Disney's Storyteller Series) - Narrated by Roy Dotrice
#Immortals - Performed by Fall Out Boy
#Lollipop - Performed by Sophie Green
#Dammit (Growing Up) - Performed by Blink 182
#A Whole New World - Performed by Miles Wesley and Dee Dee Magno
#Ooh La La - Performed by Britnet Spears
#I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme) - Performed by Johnny Rzeznik
#If I Didn't Have You - Performed by Billy Crystal and John Goodman
#Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) - Performed by Panic! at the Disco
#Shake a Tail Feather - Performed by The Cheetah Girls 
#If I Never Knew You - Performed by The Cheetah Girls
#Strangers Like Me - Performed by Phil Collins
#Stir It Up - Performed by Patti LaBelle and Joss Stone 
#Monster ABC's - Performed by Riders in the Sky
#Reflection (Pop Version) - Performed by Christina Aguilera 
#It Could Be You - Performed by Blur
#Baby, Come On Over - Performed by Samantha Mumba

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Everest is an upcoming computer animated film, due to be released on September 27, 2019 in USA.


A magical Yeti must return to his family. While on his quest, he must overcome his greatest fears while traveling through different dimensions.



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