Adam Flayman is Barry Benson's best friend in the movie Bee Movie. Despite the companionship of two he criticizes Barry in relation to the passing of time with Vanessa, speaking that besides her be loving, humans are very dangerous.

After this quarrel he and Vanessa saw friends during the movie. He, unlike Barry either too have a job. Adam is a rather nerdy and clumsy bee, but with good intentions. Adam is always trying to enforce rules when Barry is acting up.


Adam Flayman is an astute, daring, adventurous, mild-mannered, friendly, loving, accountable, courteous, mature, assertive and nice bee who likes to guide Barry B. Benson. And so they themselves take their advice on having to promise one another. But for some reason, Adam Flayman becomes inconvenienced about his partner Barry B. Benson because he continues to fall in love with a lady from the outside world. And what's worse, he got sent to the hospital since he got stabbed in his backside.

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