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Oh, we're not lying; we're just... omitting.
―Agatha Gillman.

Agatha Gillman is the deuteragonist in the DreamWorks film, Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken. She is Ruby and Sam's mother, Arthur's wife, She's also Brill's older sister and daughter of Grandmamah.



Agatha is a well-caring and observant mother who wants nothing but the best for her family, after leaving her mother and the Kraken Kingdom the year after her daughter's birth alongside Arthur in favor to move to the surface.

Agatha is fiercefully overprotective, especially to Ruby as she has listed a comically large list of anti-ocean rules - and despite Ruby's pleas of wanting to go to a prom that was on a boat, she still disagrees to let Ruby go to prom even if Ruby insists absolute safety for the prom; all simply because the prom was on a boat, which would float above water.

Physical Appearance[]

In her normal form, Agatha has aquamarine skin, purple tentacle hair styled into a top bun, and turquoise eyes. She also wears eyeshadow and lipstick, being two shades of purple. Her most distinctive physical attribute are her ears, which resemble pectoral fins. For attire, Agatha is always seen wearing business clothing: consisting of a pair of thin framed glasses, fancy golden earrings with tear drop-shaped pearls, a beige-colored checkered suit with a white button-up shirt, white socks, and dark purple heeled flats.

In her giant kraken form, Agatha has 6 tentacles (2 arms and 4 legs) with 4 fingers on each, pink glowing skin, and small spots all around her body to resemble a symmetrical design, small spiky shoulder pads and longer hair.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

  • Body armor: Even though it isn't shown in the film, it is clear that Agatha shares the same power with her Mother and daughter.
  • Super speed: Agatha has a really strong super speed, as it shows when she returns to the kraken kingdom to deal with her mother.
  • Laser eyes: Agatha possesses the same laser eyes as her mother and daughter. She, Grandmamah and Ruby use their laser eyes to destroy the trident and defeat Nerissa.


Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken[]

Agatha is first seen when Ruby is asking her for permission to go to prom. Agatha won't let because of her one-rule of never going in the ocean and the prom's location is going to be on a boat. Even with Ruby assured her that she should be saved in said prom boat, as it was going to be above water, not below, Agatha still refused to let her.


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  • In an early draft of the film, her name was Pearl.[2]
  • She originally killed the Mermaid Queen Nerissa when the film was still called "Meet the Gillmans", and was known as the "Siren-slayer".[3]


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