Aki Koiiro is the Japanese Vocaloid Made by DreamWorks. She also the student Of Tsubaki Boarding School.


She is innocent, shy, and quiet type. She is also kind to others, also heart warming. She cares for others,She is very sweet and very loving. She is a bright young lady. She never angry in her life.


Her parents weren't seen, because her parents are a "lovey-dovey" couple and often go on trips together, leaving her behind.


Aki wears a Seifuku with a Pink and Rose colour scheme with a music note printed on the arm, purple socks and black school shoes. Her eye color is Rose and her hair is waist lenght and pink.


Even though Aki is pretty much a normal human and as such doesn't have any superpowers, she does have very good Cleaning skills because she always do household chores.

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