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Edward Wiggins, better known as the Alchemist or sometimes called Cubby by his mother Pearl, is s secundary antagonist in the Big Idea franchise, LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures.



Alchemist is very selfish that he wanted to rule Bumblyburg. He feels vengeful once he got rejected and wanting revenge. He doesn't like it if anyone calls him "Cubby".

Physical Appearance[]

Alchemist is an orange carrot with mechanical arms. He also wears his supervillain costume with an A logo that stands for Alchemist.


Alchemist is a chemist, who does well in chemistry. He was discovered by the SproutCorp that he is very talented, but there is a company that stole his secret formula. He later became known as a villain named Alchemist.

Alchemist made LarryBoy smell the flower with unique chemicals. Later, LarryBoy thinks of himself as more heroic than others. The people he thinks he is better than shrink, because he smelled the flower earlier and it is the chemicals that made them shrink. LarryBoy entered Alchemist lair he released LarryBoy's Alter Ego, which is a monster. Once LarryBoy thinks of himself as superior, the Alter Ego grows. LarryBoy humbled himself and the Alter Ego disappeared and the shrunken people are back to their normal size. Alchemist then accidentally struck his mother with the flower, causing her to insult him, and he shrunk. He then got put into a hamster cage.


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