“'I was the star in the greatest city on earth! A king! Loved by my people!'
―Alex's reaction while being shipped to Madagascar

Alex (also known as Alex the Lion, or Alakay from his parents) is the main protagonist of Madagascar, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. He is the king of New York, Marty's, Gloria', and Melman's best friend, and Zuba's and Florrie's son (as revealed in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa). He and Marty, Melman, and Gloria are now part of a circus family since Madagascar 3. He also appears in the Madagascar video game. In all of the media, he is voiced by Ben Stiller as an adult, while in the second film, as a cub, he is voiced by both Declan Swift and Quinn Dempsey-Stiller (Ben's real-life then-toddler son).


Early life

Alex, formerly named Alakay, was born in Africa, his father is Zuba, the alpha lion of his pride, his father tried to teach him how to be a hunter, although Alex showed more interest in dancing. When Makunga, the rival of Zuba, tried to take him out of his place as the alpha lion, Alex was trapped by a group of human hunters who had tamed the little lion. Zuba tried to rescue Alex but couldn't. Alex was in a crate and floated to New York City where he was taken in by the Central Park Zoo and befriended Marty, Melman, and Gloria and grew up together in the zoo.


When Alex and his friends wake up they are glad to see each other but soon Alex and Marty argue and have a"crate fight". It isn't long before they get stranded and separated at sea. Soon, all four friends end up at Madagascar. They are then welcomed by King Julien, Maurice and Mort and many other lemurs just as Alex scares away the fossa, who have been terrorizing the lemurs. Alex and Marty have a brief fight but they later make up and Marty welcomes Alex to the "fun side of the island".

The next morning, Alex and Marty wake up and find themselves surrounded by lemurs who tell them they are in Madagascar. Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria enjoy themselves until Alex goes savage and is sent to the carnivore side of the island. Marty sets out to find him and refuses to leave island without him. Marty is chased by the fossa but Alex and his friends with a little help from the penguins defeat the fossa. Alex is then given fish from Rico one of the penguins instead of steak to sooth his meat craving. Alex and his friends then head back to New York with the ship the Penguins hijacked, but it turns out to be out of gas.


  • Full name: Alakay (birth name)
  • Height: 4' 6"
  • Weight: 551 lbs.
  • Biological Father: Zuba
  • Biological Mother: Florrie
  • Girlfriend: Già


In the first film, Alex is a full-of-himself, flamboyant performer to the people of New York, and he's loving the life he has in Central Park Zoo. He's not supportive of Marty's notions of going to the wild, and blames him for getting them all shipped off in a zoo transfer. He goes somewhat into despair and defiance when it turns out they end up on the shores of Madagascar (he initially tried to swim back to New York and even tried to make a pseudo-Lady Liberty for a fire signal). He eventually apologizes for being antagonistic to Marty, showing he can forgive and forget (to an extent). Alex regards himself as a monster and too dangerous to be near his friends when, after regressing somewhat to his primal instincts, bites Marty's butt. He goes off to seclusion and feel sorry for himself. When Marty tries to convince him to come back, he refuses, but is convinced when Marty tries to get him to singalong to "New York, New York," and when he saves his friends from the Fossa, their friendship strengthens.

In the second film, Alex is still set on going back to New York. When they end up in Africa and Alex is reunited with his parents, he and the others decide to stay. But after a ceremony goes wrong that results not only in his parents and himself being banished, and losing any respect he had from his father, Alex has second doubts about Africa, and it gets worse when he gets in an argument with Marty, who's having an identity crisis. He also reveals he never thought much of Marty's problems because to Alex, Marty never seemed the guy to have problems.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

The film begins on Alex's birthday in Africa. He and his friends decide that it is high time that they returned home to New York, as they are tired of waiting for the penguins to return from Monte Carlo.

The group ends up going to Monte Carlo on their own in hopes of finding the penguins and convincing them to take them home. Unfortunately, they are spotted by the humans in the casino where the penguins are hiding and end up becoming a target for animal control. Luckily, they end up finding Circus Zaragoza and decide to purchase the circus so that they could use it to get a contract for an American tour so that they could return to New York City. In the process, Alex meets Gia the jaguar, and develops an interesting partnership with her when it becomes apparent, the circus is not a very good one and he and his friends have to revamp it in order to win the contract. Alex and his friends each come up with new acts.

Alex ends up doing trapeze tricks with Gia for his act, and finds himself falling in love with the beautiful exotic jaguar. When they do get the contract, the group returns to New York, upsetting their new friends in the process, Alex ends up deeply hurting Gia when she finds out that he is a zoo animal. When they actually get back to the zoo, The gang finds that it is not as great as they remembered and that, quite frankly, they miss their new friends and decide that they would much rather join the circus and live with their new friends.

The Zoosters, however, are ambushed and knocked out by Captain Chantel DuBois and the animal control and put back in the zoo. The circus animals, the penguins, the lemurs and the chimpanzees come and break them out however, and then Alex grabs Gia during her trapize and releases the ballons to the children the two of them sharing a loving look. Alex and his friends end up joining Circus Zaragoza from now on.

Penguins of Madagascar

In the film, Alex along with Gloria, Marty and Melman made a cameo appearance in the shadow while dancing to the music in Circus Zaragoza.

Madagascar 4-D

Coming soon!

Appearances in other media

Alex in Madagascar tv show one.jpg

Alex makes a small appearance in The Penguins of Madagascar. He is voiced by Wally Wingert.


Madagascar (2005)

  • Here come the people, Marty! I love the people! It's fun-people-fun-time!
  • We can't call the people. They'll be really mad! They'll get Marty transferred for good! You don't bite the hand that feeds ya!
  • Come on now, baby. My little fillet. My little fillet mignon with a little fat around those edges. I like that. I like a little fat on my steak, my sweet, juicy steak. You are a rare delicacy...
  • Did he just say "Grand Central Station" or "My aunt's constipation"?
  • [as he is beaten up by an old woman] Lady! What is wrong with you?!
  • Giraffe, corner pocket!
  • Shut up, Spalding.
  • You bit the hand, Marty! You bit the hand!
  • I'M GONNA KILL YOU! I'm gonna strangle you, then bury you, then dig you up and clone you and kill all your clones! And then I'll never talk to you AGAIN!
  • [in the middle of an argument with Marty] And your black and white stripes? They cancel each other out! You're nothing!
  • [to Marty, after the island is divided between them and Marty calls his side the fun side] This is the fun side! This is where we are gonna have a great time surviving until we go home! Your side stinks! You're on the Jersey side of this cesspool!
  • [mocking Marty] I don't know who I am! I don't know who I am? I gotta go find myself in the WILD!
  • Yeah, I've been kind of a jerk, Marty. But I've been thinking about what you said, and i'm sorry.
  • I feel like a mile-high pastrami on rye, on the fly from the deli in the sky! Let's go WILD!

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008)

  • My Name is Alex. ix! Like New York Knicks!
  • How! We offer only happiness and good greetings.
  • Apparently, lions don't dance.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012)

  • [responding to Marty] No, you're Sucky-O Andretti!
  • [begging Vitaly to let them on the train] Oh! Come on, man, you need to do one cat to solid. Cat to cat, do a solid here buddy, come on.
  • [to Gia] I don't want you to find me as some authority figure.
  • [while defeating DuBois] Your days of chasing animals are over, DuBois, cause you've just messed with the King!
  • [last lines in the film] Hey Skipper, what did you end up doing with the crazy woman anyway?


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Alex being kicked in the crotch.


  1. Alex is similar to Simba from Disney's The Lion King and Leo the Lion from King of the Jungle.
  2. A plush doll of Alex can be seen at the beginning of Flushed Away.
  3. His shadow can be seen in Penguins of Madagascar.
  4. Alex has been injured or almost injured on the groin more than any other DreamWorks character. The only other character from Madagascar that had been kicked in the groin too is Makunga, but he was kicked there just once, and Melman is the only one except Alex that almost got hit there. Alex had been harmed or almost harmed six times onscreen:
    1. Being kicked by Nana during their fight on Grand Central Station.
    2. Being kicked by Nana in front of the police.
    3. Being knocked by the wooden beam of the box that Melman was in, right after Alex broke the whole box with his body.
    4. Being kicked by Nana during their fight in Africa.
    5. Being kicked by Nana, right after she won their fight and he was too weak to stand up.
    6. His testicles were almost harmed by the knife that Vitaly threw at him.
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