Alice is a character from the Madagascar franchise and is one of the two main antagonists in The Penguins Of Madagascar franchise. alongside Officer X. She is the zookeeper of the Central Park Zoo.

Alice hates aspects of her job, and is happy to have a voice-automated robot guide give directions so that she can avoid "annoying tour group questions".

Alice doesn't understand what people enjoy about watching animals on their computer, saying that they don't do anything interesting.

Alice is involved in several aspects of the animal's well-being.

Alice hates it when people feed the animals popcorn, and posts several signs throughout the Central Park Zoo after catching a child feeding Marlene a kernel.

Alice is in charge of gathering the Penguins for visits to the veterinarian, and later remarks that they have a dentist appointment (Private then confusedly states that they don't have teeth).

Alice and the Penguins have a mutual dislike for each other,and she believes that they are scheming (though she is actually correct in this assumption).

Though another zookeeper can be heard over her walkie-talkie (John DiMaggio), Alice is the only one ever seen on-screen.

Alice wears a zookeeper uniform.

Alice has short brown hair.

Unintentionally, Alice won the Central Park Zoo's internet popularity contest when a camera documenting the animals was accidentally pushed toward her dancing and slapping her bottom in a kitchen.

Alice . She is voiced by Mary Scheer.

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