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Amun-her-khepeshef is a minor character from the film The Prince of Egypt.


Amun seems to be a kind boy who loves and trusts his father. The boy is very playful, however, he doesn't seem to like Moses, nor the wonders of God. He also seems to hold a grudge, as he blamed Moses for all the plagues inflicting chaos on Egypt. In the last scene before his death, Amun lets out a gasp of shock at his father's proclamation of a great cry in Egypt by threatening to kill the Hebrews. For the first and only time, Amun seems to show fear of his father's desire to maintain rule even at the cost of human life.

Role in the film

Rameses's son is first seen playing with his father when Moses and Tzipporah enter. He is pleased with the high priests' demonstration of their gods' powers, smiling smugly at Moses’s attempts to demonstrate God’s wonder. When Moses turns the river to blood, he is being entertained by the priests. He later touches the blood with his fingers, revealing it to be true blood.

During the plagues, he is mostly seen clutching his father in terror. Later, Moses goes to visit Ramses. Rameses begins to realize how much he loves Moses when Rameses' son appears and makes Rameses realize that Moses is bringing disasters on Egypt. Moses tells Rameses to think of his son during his stubbornness, but Rameses dismisses him.

In the final shot of the Angel of Death leaving the city, a small soul can be seen flying out of the palace, indicating it is Rameses' son. Rameses later buries him. The heartbroken Pharaoh tells Moses his people are free. Moses then leaves and mourns the loss of his foster nephew. However, it is from his son’s death that Rameses changes his mind and goes to destroy the Hebrews in revenge for God smiting Egypt and taking away his son’s life.


  • Historically his name means "Amun is with his strong arm"
  • Historically Amun-her-khepeshef died when he was in his late 20s.
  • Historically, He married his full sister named Nefertari and had a son named Seti(named after his grandfather) who died when he was a child.
  • Historically his mother's name is also Nefertari. 
  • His and his mother's names are never mentioned in the movie. 
  • In real life he had at least two names his first was Amun-her-wenemef. His second name was Amun-her-khepeshef. It is possible though that he had a third name Seth-her-khepeshef but this could also be his brother it is still debated on who Seth-her-khepshef was.  
  • Historically he would have been the great great grandson of Ay due to his mother being the great granddaughter of Ay.
  • Historically, he died as a young adult during about the 25th year of his father's reign (around 1254 BCE.)