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[[File:Angie_wp1280.jpg|thumb|A Big Tropical Pink Angie]]
{{character|image=|performer=[[Renee Zellweger]]|appear=''[[Shark Tale]]''}}
{{character|image=|performer=[[Renee Zellweger]]|appear=''[[Shark Tale]]''}}

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A Big Tropical Pink Angie

Performer: Renee Zellweger
Appeared in: Shark Tale

Angie is the star of Shark Tale. She is a tropical angelfish who has a secret crush on Oscar. She is beautifula and kind and she helps Oscar pay of 5,000 clams to Mr. Sykes (which he bets on a horse race) and advises dreams began small. Nonetheless does he rebel. After the lie Oscar told their relationship hasn't been the same since. However, when he reveals the truth in the end, she forgives him and they kiss.

Angie's favorite food is Kelpy Kreams.

By Timothy J Harris

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