Angor Rot
Angor Rot is the secondary, turned true main antagonist of the second half of the first season of Trollhunters. He is a ruthless Gumm-Gumm troll hired by Strickler to kill Jim. He was forced to serve Strickler when the changeling took the Inferna Copula, which contains his soul.


Strickler and Otto used the Inferna Copula to release Angor Rot and control him to kill the current Trollhunter, Jim Lake. He send many of his golems to fight him put a curse on Jim which gave him control of the Sword of Daylight and stole the Killstone. He ends up proposing to Jim that he recover the Inferna Copula so that he can be free of Strickler's control and recover his soul. Angor Rot, however, was released after the ring was accidentally destroyed, his soul being destroyed with it. With no hope of regaining his soul, Angor Rot decided to take revenge against Strickler and Jim Lake.

He attacks Strickler in his car and later attacks them and Jim in the latter's house, eventually wounding Strickler and Barbara. Then he attacks Toby and Claire when they go to school to find Strickler's book to save Barbara and steal Claire's Horngazel. Having the key to enter, Angor Rot attacks Trollmarket with an army of crystal golems. During the battle, he kills several Trolls, including AAARRRGGHH!!! who sacrificed himself to save Toby. Finally, he and Jim face a fierce battle in which Angor Rot ends up taking advantage, but before he can steal Jim's soul, Toby appears through one of Claire's portals, destroying Angor Rot after Jim stabs him with his own dagger.

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