Ankylodumps are a species of Dinotrux combining characteristics from Ankylosaurus and Dump trucks.


Ankylodumps appear in a variety of colors, most often blue but occasionally in red, yellow, green, or purple. They have a large bed on their backs that can be used to carry, dump, or even launch materials or small enough creatures. Ankylodumps are speedy despite this, and possess club tails that they use for various purposes. Ankylodump eggs, which they bury to hide from predators, resemble the ends of their tails, and open to produce Ankylodump babies that apart from their size are identical to adults.

Known Ankylodumps

  • Ton-Ton
  • Grinder: a red male Ankylodump with whom Ace was familiar; he was left badly injured after a sandstorm and Scraptor attack.
  • The Dumps
  • One-Ton: an infant Ankylodump born from an egg that Ton-ton safeguards until its hatching. One-Ton began exhibiting behavior similar to Ton-Ton's, leading Ton-Ton to give him the nickname.
  • Split: leader of the Speed Trux.
  • Rumble Grumble: a member of the Speed Trux.
  • Albert
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