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“Ankylodump Games”
Season 8, Episode 7
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Crabcavator (species)"
"Scraptool Apprentice"

"Ankylodump Games" is the seventy-second episode of Dinotrux and the seventh episode of season eight, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


D-Structs and D-Stroy find that their Ore supply has been stolen by the Rengades, who escape after a brief battle. Afterwards, Ty discovers that Ton-Ton is training for the annual Ankylodump Games, but discourages him from taking part due to the danger posed by the D-Bros. Ton-Ton is disappointed, but Ace suggest that he could compete in disguise and under an assumed name. Unfortunately, Skrap-It overhears the plan and, having recognized a distinctive scrape mark on Ton-Ton's undercarriage, proposes to expose him to the D-Bros. to prove his usefulness.

With a purple paint job and the name "Not-Not", Ton-Ton takes part in the games, doing well until reaching the Rock Fling, which has always been his worst event. Unfortunately, he not only fails to score in the event, but is recognized by Skrap-It and captured by D-Structs and D-Stroy. Having learned of Ton-Ton's escapades from Ace, the rest of the Renegades set off to find him, and eventually learn where he is after cornering Skrap-It. They follow the Scraptool, only to find that Ton-Ton has been trapped in a Shockarachnid lair.

Acting on word from Ton-Ton that the D-Bros. are attacking the games, Ty goes to help the Ankylodumps only to be locked in the games canyon with the Dreadtrux. Skya, Revvit, Dozer, and Ace manage to rescue Ton-Ton despite the Shockarachnids, and then go to Ty's aid. They are engaged by the D-Bros., and Ton-Ton finally manages to complete a successful Rock Fling to open the canyon door. Having saved Ty and overcome his past feelings of failure, Ton-Ton now feels no need to compete in the games again.





The games
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