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"Ants Ants Revolution" is the eighth episode of Turbo FAST.


Some kids are playing on skateboards but are inturupted by a sudden shaking. Large mountains pop from the ground and red ants march out, explained by Whiplash to be fire ants.The team tries to chase them out but are beaten by the ants' co-ordination. Whiplash then announces the team's surrender. The ants then line up and make way for their queen, the self centered Queen Invicta. She explains her will to take over the city and that she can only battle with another royal. She questions if Chet was the queen, having mistaken him for a girl. Burn then claims to be a queen and challenges her to a race. Queen Invicta then accepts the challenge, stating that her subjects would build the track. She then orders her minions to laugh manaically.

In the pits, Turbo is discussing how Burn can win. Chet then shows open fear and concern of Burn hurting herself. The couple have a brief spur on his lack of trust that she can handle it. Questioning if he was just a distraction, Chet leaves, much to Burn's dismay.

Later, while talking to himself, Chet flies over the track the ants were building to check the competition. He finds the that Queen Invicta has her ants building a salt pit as part of the track. Knowing that it could kill Burn, Chet attempts to get away but is caught by an ant catapult and was knocked out when he crashed to the ground.

The next at the race Burn shows open alarm at where Chet was. She is then mocked by the Queen about her boyfriend ditching her.


  • More insight is given on Chet and Burn's relationship.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which Turbo's role is minor.