This is a list of trivia from Antz.


  • This is the first computer-animated film to receive a PG rating.
  • Woody Allen recorded his part as "Z" in only five days.
  • This is DreamWorks' first animated film.
  • The reason why the movie has a PG rating is because of casual swearing, an unusual thing to hear in an animated film. This is often omitted whenever the film is shown on TV.
  • In the scene at the bar, Z says he doesn't drink from the anus of another creature. In the trailer, the word anus is changed to caboose.
  • Woody Allen felt uncomfortable watching Z because he was reminded so much of himself. This is why he can never watch any of the films that he has a role in.
  • The main characters share facial similarities with the actors voicing them.
  • Woody Allen and Sylvester Stallone starred in a film together 27 years earlier - Bananas.
  • Bala was a lot nastier in the early days of defining the character. Sharon Stone's reading helped to change that by balancing sass with spoiled, without ever becoming too bratty.
  • Z's full name (or number) in the script is Z-4195.
  • Woody Allen had uncredited input on the finished screenplay.
  • The song the ants are dancing to in the bar is "Guantanamera".
  • One of the motivational signs in the ant colony, "Free Time Is For Training", is a real motivational sign at PDI.
  • Woody Allen was offered accompaniment to sing "Almost Like Being In Love", but he refused, preferring to sing it a cappella, and did so.
  • This is one of two animated films Danny Glover would appear in from DreamWorks. The other is The Prince of Egypt which came out two months after this film was released.
  • 60,000 ants make up General Mandible's army.
  • Ants and termites really do go to war on each other. But in reality, ants would emerge the victors because they would easily outnumber a termite nest.
  • The computer generated imagery that makes up the film would later become the permanent form of animation at DreamWorks, replacing 2D animation as of 2003.
  • This is loosely based on the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.
  • Directors Eric Darnell and Tim Johnson both did cameo voice-work in the film.


  • During the flooding scene, no ants were drowned because the animators thought it was too cruel.

Alternate Versions

  • In 2008, Cartoon Network started broadcasting the film in an edited format, with all explicit language completely removed, despite airing it virtually uncut in 2004.
  • Non-English international versions omit the credit sequence in the beginning, featuring names of the voice actors through the magnifying glass. This is valid for cinema, video and TV versions. The European DVD contains this sequence, when the English auto track is selected; however, if any other language is selected, the credit sequence also gets skipped on the DVD.
  • On Netflix version, a cast has started in a scroll credits.
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