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“Aquadons (episode)”
Season 5, Episode 2
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Dinotrux Episodes
"The Return"

"Aquadons" is the forty-eighth episode of Dinotrux and the second episode of season 5.


Trapped on a beach surrounded by cliffs, Ty and his friends attempt to find a way to escape so that they can return to The Crater. After a number of failed attempts-and discovering Dozer's aversion to returning to the sea-the group attempts to tunnel their way through the cliffs, only to uncover a group of Scraptors. Unable to fight their way through the predators, the Trux and tools set about building a ship so that they can travel by see, much to Dozer's consternation. Using various pieces of scrap and trees, they succeed and head out into the water.

After witnessing Scrapadactyls diving for underwater Ore, the Trux manage to fish some up only to anger the local Aquadons, sea-going creatures who attack their vessel. The Trux-including the increasingly paranoid Dozer-realize that the creatures want their Ore back, but are unable to return it when it is stolen by Scrapadactyls. When an attempt to sail away to safety is thwarted, Dozer faces his fears and dives into the sea, dozing up some ore to keep the Aquadons occupied. Eventually, the heroes find themselves within sight of home-and are surprised to spot George on a craft of his own.