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B.O.B's Big Break is a short film. It was included on the Monsters vs. Aliens home video release.


In 1968, B.O.B's birthday was celebrated with small decorations and a birthday cake with toothbrushes. Dr. Cockroach gave him a Jell-O similar to the one that he falls in love with almost forty years later with an explosive chemical meant to blow B.O.B up using a stick of dynamite, allowing Dr. Cockroach and the Missing Link to escape. We hear B.O.B's birthday wish for rocks and wood (to light the candle) before it explodes. The exposure gave B.O.B the ability to read the minds of those whom he touches; revealed when he exposes the Missing Link's sarcastic reaction to the escape attempt and Dr. Cockroach's shame. Dr. Cockroach devised another plan: to read General W.R Monger's mind to find the escape veichles and then use B.O.B's power to find out the world's secrets. A few minutes later, General W.R Monger was lured to the prison center where the monsters where playing a "game" based on The Travels of Marco Polo. Anyone who shouted "Marco!" had to be responded with "Polo!" He got General Monger and revealed that there was a door behind a poster of him saying "I'm always watching you - always" and has the access code "1-2-3-4". They try to escape, but General Monger is trying to stop them. B.O.B. then has bubbles, which defeat Monger. Then they fly up, and B.O.B thinks the plane is a pinata. He crashes the plane, and Monger is greeting them in sarcastic matter. They then continue the party, and B.O.B remarks "This is the best birthday party ever!" and the monsters sigh. "What else?" Link sighs.


  • B.O.B's Big Break, along with Monsters vs. Aliens, was the first time DreamWorks made a film in 3D in production. Usually, a film is made into 3D in post-production.