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You don't tell me what to do!
―Baby Bear arguing with Goldilocks.

Baby Bear, also called Baby, is a major antagonist in the DreamWorks film, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. He is the son of Papa Bear and Mama Bear, and the adoptive brother of Goldilocks. All the Three Bears help Goldilocks in her campaign to grant her the Last Wish, thus coming into competition with Puss in Boots and "Big" Jack Horner.



Baby Bear has a clear sibling rivalry with his adoptive sister, though more than once he declared that she was not his sister and was just a "porridge-stealing orphan", indicating Baby was sore about Goldi invading their home and taking his things though it's possible he was jealous of Goldi being the "golden child" in their family, making him second fiddle next to her in their parents' eyes.

They argue very much like a brother and sister however and in spite of them constantly butting heads he typically, albeit begrudgingly, follows her lead and seemed to at least trust she knew what she was doing. His loyalty however is not blind, for unlike Mama and Papa, Baby could only put up with Goldi's bossiness for so long before he angrily confronted her, demanding she tell them what she wanted to wish for and was worth dragging them through everything they'd been through and the dangers they'd been in.

Baby was shocked when Goldi admitted she wanted the wish to be with her real family, leaving Baby shocked and hurt showing that he does care deeply for Goldi. They reconciled once the adventure was over, and Baby finally embraced Goldi truly as his sister and was pleased when she suggested he come up with their next big move: to take over "Big" Jack Horner's pastry factory in lieu of his demise.

Baby had a bragging side in that he often bragged to those he and his family robbed that they'd been "crimed" by the Three Bears Crime Family.

Physical Appearance[]

Baby Bear is a young bear around 15-17 years old. He is the smallest of the Three Bears but is still quite big compared to humans, and has brown fur with a subtle shade of gold, has blue eyes, a notch in his right ear, and he wears a chain necklace with a golden doorknob, a fork, and a cog. When he was a cub, Baby Bear was much shorter in stature and didn't yet wear his necklace.


Puss in Boots: The Last Wish[]

The Three Bears first appears when they and Goldilocks go into Mama Luna's house for Puss. Goldilocks tells Mama Luna that she and the family got an offer for him, in which Mama Luna declined that Puss is here. Goldilocks then had Papa Bear and Mama Bear interrogate her, which ended up having her fainted. She then orders Baby to search for Puss by using his smell, while she and Mama search for Puss as Papa Bear torments Mama Luna while playing her piano. Baby then informs Goldilocks and his parents that he found Puss, in which he shows them his corpse.

The Three Bears, along with Goldilocks then infiltrate "Big" Jack Horner's collection in which they spot Puss and Kitty as well as Jack Horner. As Goldi and the Bears chase Puss and Kitty, the Bears attempt to come after him in which Puss uses a stick on Baby and Mama, as he attempts to do the same with Papa, only to be knocked out of the air as he breaks out of the window with Kitty as the two them hop on in a carriage with Perrito.

The Bears and Goldi then go on a journey to the Wishing Star, while planning on what they can do when they make a wish for it. "Big" Jack Horner then bumps into them as the Bears and Goldi crash while Mama holds the latter to cushion her fall. As "Big" Jack Horner is taken Perrito hostage, The Bears and Goldi then threaten him by using one of his henchmen. After noticing Puss and Kitty have the map, the Bears and Goldi then go in battle to retrieve the Map while the Baker's Dozen try to kill Puss and his friends.

After getting the map to the Wishing Star, the Bears and Goldi then celebrate as they travel to the Wishing Star in which they notice a cabin in the forest, as they relax in while Goldi looks at a book she used to look at, in which was the day she was adopted. As Puss and Kitty sneak in, the latter accidentally leaves one of the boots, causing Goldilocks and Mama to notice it's gone. As Goldi wakes up Baby and Papa, Puss then gets caught in which Goldi and the Bears then attempt to retrieve the Map. Puss and Kitty then battle the Bears as they each kick the porridge, in which they throw the hot porridge to Mama, cold porridge to Baby, and the warm porridge to Papa.

As Puss and Kitty escape with the map, Goldi and the Bears then kidnap Perrito. Kitty then goes to rescue Perrito while Puss finds a way in the Soul's Cave. Goldi and the Bears then make a booby-trap in order to get the Map back from the cats using Perrito as bait, a couple of minutes later Baby Bear and Goldilocks start a fight, which is amused and mocked by Perrito, Baby tells Perrito to stay out of the fight, which causes Perrito to laugh and insult the Three Bears and Goldilocks with profanity, which makes Mama Bear and Papa Bear laugh and admire Perrito, then Perrito tells Goldilocks that her family is funny and she being an orphan she won the lottery, which makes Goldilocks put sensitive, when Mama Bear says that they should adopt Perrito since he's just like them, Kitty stealthily takes Perrito and replaces he with a fake statue of Perrito, which makes Baby Bear angry and takes the statue, but just as Goldilocks reminds Baby Bear about the trap it's too late as they fell for the trap.

Later, while Puss in Boots arrives at the place where the Last Wish was, the Three Bears and Goldilocks unknowingly (since they were lost) were near the place where the Last Wish was. Which makes Goldilocks insult and scold Baby Bear, fed up with Goldilocks' abuse and insults, Baby Bear gets angry with Goldilocks, yelling at him and asking him how important is that desire that has got him and his parents involved in this, what which makes Goldilocks reveal that he wants to use the wish to get back together with his birth parents, which breaks the hearts of the Three Bears, to which the Bears doubt Goldilocks, to which Goldilocks comments that she's not a bear and does not feel part of the family, to which Mama Bear says that if that wish is very important to her they will get the Last Wish.

Then the Three Bears and Goldilocks join in the final fight. Near the end of the fight, Goldilocks has the map of the Last Wish, when she is about to make the wish, Goldilocks realizes that Baby Bear is about to die, which makes Goldilocks abandon his wish and save Baby Bear, to which Baby Bear gets excited. After the "defeat" of "Big" Jack Horner, Death appears hissing in front of everyone, which attracts the attention of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, after Goldilocks watches the epic battle of Puss in Boots and Death and the defeats of the latter. After this, Goldilocks and the Three Bears team up with Puss in Boots, Kitty and Perrito to defeat "Big" Jack Horner. After Jack Horner's defeat and the destruction of the Wishing Star Puss in Boots, Kitty, Perrito, the Three Bears and Goldilocks enjoy the meteor shower together. After a few minutes, the Bears and Goldilocks leave, saying goodbye to Puss in Boots, Kitty and Perrito, she tells the latter that he was right about how lucky she was, and she says goodbye as a Perrito before winking at him. Later on while they were planning what was going to be of his life, Baby says that they can be the replacement for Jack Horner's pastry organization, to which Goldilocks comments that it is a good idea, upon hearing what the bears were planning, the Talking Cricket told them says it's a good idea and that he can be his business partner, Baby Bear freaks out which makes Goldilocks try to hit the Talking Cricket.


You have been indicted by the Three Bears Crime Family.
―Baby Bear after Goldilocks manages to steal the map from Kitty Softpaws and "Big" Jack Horner.
Your "just right"... is to get rid of us...
―Baby Bear is saddened to learn that Goldilocks doesn't consider the Three Bears his family.



  • He is based on the character from Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  • The Three Bears (along with Goldilocks) are the fourth villains of the Shrek franchise who are usually good in the fairy tales but villains in the film series, following the Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming and Rapunzel.
  • It is unknown if the Three Bears they have any connections with the Three Bears from Shrek.
    • The original Mama Bear is revealed that she was killed by Lord Farquaad as her pelt served as a rug in his chamber. There are also some continuity errors with this as she is shown alternating to be alive and as a rug in other media.


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