The Baby Corp is an organization from the Boss Baby. It is the place that all the babies in the world came from (in the movie). After being covered with baby powder, given a pacifier and a gender, etc., the baby is put through the sorting machine which then tickles the baby. If the baby is succesively tickled and laughs (if the machine finds his/her tickle spot), he or she will be sent to a loving family (thus "being born").

If not accomplished, the baby will be sent to the "management" section and trained to become a worker of the organization. The babies in the management section are also given a special formula that prevents them from aging while allowing them to preserve and continue to improve their intellect. Like a normal company, each baby can rise in rank after completing missions assigned to them, with the highest rank being Super Colossal Big Fat Boss Baby.

It is possible for a baby to resign from the organization and choose to be sorted into the family section, provided that he or she retakes the sorting process and knows the place where he/she can be tickled (his/her tickle spot).


  • Given their cloudy appearance and being located in the sky, it can be presumed that the Baby Corp is an equivalent of heaven.
  • Although the Boss Baby denied Tim's belief (which is reality) about where the babies came from, it is implied that the pregnancy process also occurs if the baby was sorted into the family section and transferred, as shown in the ending when Tim's parents picked up the Boss Baby from the hospital and when the future adult Tim brought his daughter to see her little sibling.
  • Every person in the world had a Baby Corp pacifier in their life (in the movie). When the pacifier is thrown away, the person's memories of being a baby or in Baby Corp is forgotten.
  • In the film, Baby Corp was pronounced as “Baby Core” for some reason.
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