Baby Tooth is one of the main Mini Fairies that help the Guardians and the pentagonist of Rise of the Guardians.


Baby Tooth looks like a combination between a hummingbird and a fairy. Baby Tooth also has a beauty mark under her right eye. One of her eyes is blue while the other eye is purple.


Baby Tooth is a caring and loving little fairy. She is also brave, as she defended Tooth's Palace from Pitch before eventually getting captured. Baby Tooth shows signs of infatuation towards Jack Frost like Tooth and the rest of the mini faries.


  • When the guardians were in Europe, Baby Tooth attacks a mouse and Tooth tries to calm her down. In Europe, the mouse is described and used as a "tooth fairy."
  • Baby Tooth has a gold feather, like Tooth, while all the other mini fairies have a blue feather sticking up from their foreheads.
  • Jack Frost's sister has a beauty mark under her right eye exactly like Baby Tooth.
  • Baby Tooth had one purple eye and one blue eye.
  • In some shots Baby Tooth has 2 purple eyes.
  • Baby Tooth and the other fairies are a part / extension of Tooth.
  • In the books, there's a fairy that tells Katherine of the Guardians' plan to rescue her and the children from Pitch. This fairy may be seeing as a book version of Baby Tooth.


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