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―Banana Trees.

The Banana Trees are one-shot antagonists in the DreamWorksPeacock's series, Where's Waldo?.


When the banana trees comes to life by Fritz with the Quick Bloom Key which he stole from Waldo, the banana tree gave a banana to Fritz and then they attack him and Odlulu by throwing bananas at them. The banana trees also chases the Wanderers, Apua and other animals by throwing bananas at them. After the three hides in a huge rock while the banana trees still chasing other animals, Waldo decides to distract the banana trees by throwing bananas to them so they repeatedly slipped on the banana peels.

At the end, they redeemed themselves and forced by Wizard Vinebeard to clean up the mess which they throw at the guests. The banana tree gives a banana to Waldo as an apology for their actions and then he gave it to the sloth.


The banana trees are naughty and mischievous anthropomorphic plants who likes throwing bananas at people and other animals. At the end, they're redeem themselves and give Waldo a banana for the sloth.

Physical Appearance[]

They are tropical fruit trees with large green leaves, bunches of bananas, and brown branches with legs and feet.


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