Barbatus was Z's second soldier friend in Antz. He was voiced by Danny Glover. When Z joins the soldier ants to go to the inspection, he meets Barbatus who is a soldier ant like Z's other friend Weaver. When General Mandible orders the troops to go into battle against the Termites Z tells Barbatus that he just came to hear the speech but Barbatus tells Z that he'll watch out for him.

On the way to the Termites' lair Z asks Barbatus if the Termites are gonna put up a big fight to which Barbatus says that the Termites are five times the ants size and they shoot acid from their foreheads. Z also asks Barbatus how the soldiers plan on beating the Termites to which Barbatus replies "Kill their Queen!" During the Termite Battle one of the Termites tries to eat Z but Barbatus stabbed it and saves Z's life. Barbatus then hops on another termite's back and fights it with his hammer, after he had given Z his spear.

Later on after the battle is over, Z comes out of hiding and finds both all the ant soldiers and termites dead. He then finds Barbatus (decapitated) laying nearby still alive and Barbatus asks him to help him up and when Z picks him up, he finds that Barbatus's body isn't there and tells Barbatus to hang on cause he will find his body. Unfortunately, it was too late. Barbatus tells Z to not take orders his whole life and to think for himself. Barbatus then dies and Z mourns the death of his dear friend.


  • Barbatus was decapitated unlike all the other soldier ants who died in the same battle because of the unseen methods.


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