“Battering Ram”
Season 2, Episode 6
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Dinotrux Episodes
"The Racetrack"

"Battering Ram" is the sixteenth episode of Dinotrux.


At The Garage, Skya is helping Ace put the final touches on a build of her own: a set of wall shelves, which she is building over Waldo's objections that Reptools don't build. They then close off the Garage for the night, preventing the other Trux from entering with a large ball of stuck together parts they refer to as "the Motherload." The next morning, however, they find that the garage has been entered and the shelves are in pieces, with evidence of the others having entered the building. After checking with their friends and finding that they had nothing to do with the shelves, the pair decide to check out D-Structs' Fortress of Fear to see if his Scraptools have anything to do with it.

Skya and Ace soon discover that Skrap-It is indeed behind the incident, having stolen materials to help complete a new tail for D-Structs that serves as both a claw and a wrecking ball. The new appendage proves devastating, and after using it to capture Skya and imprison both her and Ace in his lair, D-Structs goes out to attack the others at the Acid Baths. Fortunately, Skya and Ace are able to take advantage of D-Structs' lava pool and collection of scrap to forge armor for Skya that can serve as a battering ram, allowing them to escape and go to the others' aid. They then put it to use to defeat D-Structs, splitting the Motherload in the process and thus cementing Ace's ability to build.





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