Season 3, Episode 10
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Dinotrux Episodes

"Battle" is the thirty-third episode of Dinotrux.


Following a battle with the Dumps, who have been riding around near his Fortress of Fear, D-Structs is left in need of a new Sparkbug and demands that Skrap-It find one. He succeeds in doing so-finding one with a strange glow-right after Revvit has had an unfortunate experience with Dragonflopters that leaves him hesitant to try flying again. The new Sparkbug proves to be a supercharger, greatly increasing D-Structs' power, and he quickly launches an attack on The Garage. Overwhelmed for the first time despite their superior numbers, Ty and his friends are forced to flee, leaving the Flatirons in D-Structs' grip.

Investigating at the fortress and then hunting down and interrogating Skrap-It, the Trux and tools soon learn what has happened and go in search of their own supercharger. They find one, but it shorts out after they chase it for too long, and Ty is inspired to employ a similar tactic against D-Structs. Using scrap metal and D-Structs' lava pool, the Trux create various implements to aid them in battling D-Structs, but in the end Revvit must take to the air again in order to finish pushing D-Structs to his limits. The Trux are soon left to celebrate victory, while Skrap-It searches in vain for another supercharger.





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