The Bayard is the weapon of the Paladins of Voltron, which takes a unique shape according to the personality of its wielder. There are five Bayards, each of which can unlock a different weapon of Voltron's robot form when plugged into a socket in the console of their lion's cockpit. Different weapons could also be unlocked by combinations of Bayards, such as a larger sword unlocked by four Bayards in tandem.


  • Black Bayard-wielded by Zarkon it could take multiple forms, including an energy sword, a bladed weapon that could extend and change shape to strike at targets, and a cannon. It also served to unlock the weapon systems of Zarkon's Armor and the Blazing Sword of Voltron.
  • Blue Bayard-wielded by Lance. Used by him it takes the form of an energy rifle; it is not yet known what weapon it unlocks for Voltron.
  • Green Bayard-wielded by Pidge. As she wields it the Bayard becomes a small bladed weapon that can electrocute targets or fire as a grapple to save Pidge from falling. It is not known what weapon it unlocks for Voltron.
  • Red Bayard-wielded by Keith. Used by him it takes the form of a sword with a horizontal blade; it also unlocks Voltron's basic sword.
  • Yellow Bayard-wielded by Hunk. When he activates it the weapon becomes a large energy cannon; it unlocks a similar cannon for Voltron that can fire one incredibly powerful blast or unleash numerous smaller ones to strike a multitude of targets.
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