Bergen Town is the home of the Bergens in the movie Trolls. Their leader is Prince Gristle who is the prince, later king of the Bergens.

The town was build around the Troll Tree after they caged it up, so they all could gather round it to gain happiness by eating a Troll on holiday called Trollstice; until the Trolls escaped through the tunnel that they dug. Since then the Bergens stop feeling the joy they have once a year and filled were with endless misery, until Chef found the Trolls' new home and brought a hand full of them back with her; which brought hope of feeling happiness back to the town.

After Poppy, Branch and the Snack Pack helped the Bergens understand that happiness has been in them all a long and helped them to bring it out, the town began to fill itself with color, joy, dancing and happiness. With the Trolls living beside them in the restored Troll Tree.


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