Bernard (full name Bernard Testicle) (voiced by Ben Stiller) is the emotionless curator of the Metro Man Museum. He wears thin glasses, a brown jacket, a blue turtleneck, and white pants.

He is also seemingly based off Bernard from Blackbooks.

During a night at the museum, he meets Roxanne who was talking to the Metro Man statue. Roxanne tells Bernard that she needs a moment, and he responds that he's not allowed to insult guests directly. Later, Megamind crashes into his cart of books. He thinks it was someone in a poorly made costume and tells him that Megamind's head is 'not that grossly exaggerated'. Megamind scans him in order to avoid getting seen by Roxanne, then dehydrates him, turning him into a small glowing cube.

He was not seen again until the end credits, when Minion was doing the laundry, and he re-hydrates back to his form inside the washing machine. Minion opens up machine, he pops out and claiming that he was having the worst day of his entire life, then Minion responds tells him "No worries," and hits him with the forget-me-stick.


  • "I'm not allowed to insult guests directly."
  • "That's a pretty tasteless costume."
  • "Megamind's head is not that grossly exaggerated."
  • (groans exaggeratedly) "This has been the worst day of my entire life..."


  • Ben Stiller stars in a movie called "Night at the Museum". Where he plays the main character, a museum guard named Larry who works at the museum at night. Bernard is possibly a reference to him, considering that they are both played by Ben Stiller and that they work at a museum.
  • He doesn't appear in Megamind: The Button of Doom, along with Roxanne.
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