Beta Traz Warden

The Beta Traz Warden was a Galra Empire officer in charge of the prison of Beta Traz, which was built solely to hold the Blade of Marmora scientist Slav so that he could be tortured and his genius forcibly put to the use of the Galra. He also built a cell on the prison where he kept his pet Yupper, whom the warden gave as much affectionate treatment as he gave agony to Slav. However, both his charges would be freed by the Defenders of the Universe Shiro, Lance, and Pidge, with the group being unsure which was Slav. The warden would intercept the gorup as they attempted to escape, using genetic modification and a massive pair of cybernetic arms to negate their advantage in numbers. However, the group soon escaped with Slav, leaving the warden with his Yupper.


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