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The Bewilderbeast is a giant Tidal Class dragon. It has been known as the King of Dragons. The Bewilderbeast has a pair of long tusks.


Dragons: Race to the Edge[]

In Season 6, Johann, Krogan, and some Dragon Hunters encounter a sleeping Bewilderbeast and then she wakes up and noticed them. When the hunters fired their arrows at her she starts roaring at them.

The female Bewilderbeast then appeared below Hiccup and saved him from Johann by freezing him.

How to Train Your Dragon 2[]

Valka’s Bewilderbeast is a Titan Wing dragon, meaning it is older than most Bewilderbeasts are known to live. It built a nest to serve as a refuge for other dragons at least twenty years prior to the events of the film. Cloudjumper took Valka to this nest where she began aiding him in offering sanctuary to dragons of all kinds.

Shortly after Valka and Hiccup's reunion, Valka's Bewilderbeast is first seen resting peacefully when she introduces Hiccup to her current home — a beautiful sanctuary made of ice. Valka then explains how the Alpha leads and protects all the dragons. Peaceful yet with an air of grandeur, the massive dragon sits in a pool before rising to greet the newcomers. Toothless and Valka bow in respect, Hiccup remains awestruck as the Bewilderbeast puffs out a cloud of icy frost on him. When it was feeding time, the Bewilderbeast leads a swarm of flying dragons out while he swims underwater, rounding up fish with a trio of Seashockers. Soon, he emerges out from the water and spits out fish for all the dragons.

He was killed in a struggle for dominance by Drago's Enslaved Bewilderbeast.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World[]

Drago's Bewilderbeast was seen in the Hidden World honoring Toothless as a true king.



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