Biggie is a big and fat troll from Trolls. He is voiced by James Corden.



Biggie is the biggest member of the Snack Pack, with the biggest heart. Underneath his imposing exterior he’s actually a huge softie, constantly bursting into tears at touching or sad or scary moments. He carries around a pet worm named Mr. Dinkles with him everywhere he goes, and occasionally dresses Mr. Dinkles up in adorable little outfits for impromptu photo shoots.


Big, fat, Troll with dark blue skin and light teal hair. He has blue eyes, a big pink nose, and he wears a purple vest and pants that are too small for him.


  • James Corden and his Trolls co-star, Anna Kendrick were also co-stars in Into The Woods, as the Baker and Cinderella.
  • Biggie might be very large, but he has the kindest heart. He is very sweet and caring.


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