This woman is a minor character in Over the Hedge. She appears during the "Rockin' the Suburbs" montage in which she brings a birthday cake out to her son who is having a party in their garden with his friends. However, the party is foiled by Stella who bursts out of the cake, scaring everyone, including the woman who screams in horror and runs inside.

As with Janis, this unnamed mother is very voluptuous. While Janis has more of an hourglass figure, this woman carries most of her weight in her thighs and buttocks which are large and rounded, implying that she has a sit-down job.



The mom carries the birthday cake to her son.


She places it on the table before Stella bursts out of it.


She recoils and screams at the sight of the skunk.


The shapely, big-bottomed woman turns and runs inside the house.

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