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"Blayde" is the thirty-second episode of Dinotrux.


George and his friends Zera and Tops are menaced by a trio of other Dozeratops: the monstrous Blayde and her minions Prong and Horn, who destroy their homes. Threatened to leave, George goes in search of Ty and the others, hoping that they can help deal with the villainous Trux. Dozer is stunned to learn of Blayde's involvement, as the two of them were friends until an attack by D-Structs left her hard and bitter. To counter her, the Trux build new metal shelters for the three Dozeratops that even Blayde can't break down, only for her to retaliate by kidnapping George.

Refusing to let Blayde bully them into taking down the shelters and leave George and his friends helpless, Ty and the others break into Blayde's cave. Unfortunately, George isn't there, and Blayde's defenses and tactics prove too much even for the four Trux. However, Dozer soon realizes that a change in tactics is called for, and they decide to out think Blayde rather than outfight her. With help from the Tortools, they create the illusion of having done her bidding, which is enough to get her to release George; Ty is then able to drive off her minions. Blayde, furious, promises that she'll see Dozer again before taking off.




  • The lines "We'll get angry!" and "You won't like us when we're angry" are nods to Bruce Banner's famous line from The Incredible Hulk.