• Dianecat98

    Honestly, I think someone should make a Harvey Street Kids Wikia. If anyone on Dreamworks Wikia knows a lot about their recent Netflix cartoon Harvey Street Kids. Do any of you think you can start a Harvey Street Kids Wikia?

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  • Cdoglover1


    I’ve noticed an awful lot of people putting uncomfirmed information into the wiki articles, most noticeably How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Everest and Trolls 2. The information put on these pages will include cast members and soundtracks which have not been announced or confirmed by officials at Dreamworks Animation. So please stop adding the useless info. It’s irritating finding uncomfirmed info on these pages because I quite frequently have to remove them. It would help the community massively if people will stop this.

    Thank you.

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  • Evilquoll

    Agonising over agonists

    September 17, 2017 by Evilquoll

    I for one am heartily sick of the dumb "main protagonist" designation some people use. Contrary to what at least one user of this wiki believes (or believed until recently), "protagonist" does not mean "good guy"; see, for instance, Felonius Gru in the first Despicable Me movie (a villain who reforms at the end), or Moriarty from Michael Kurland's series based on the Sherlock Holmes canon (always a villain).

    Maybe a little bit of history is in order here.

    In the original Greek, the πρωταγωνιστής (protagonistes) was the leader of the theatrical troupe and thus the guy who got to play all the juicy main parts (as well as other parts which needed to be played when the main character wasn't on stage).

    The deuteragonist was the actor who got to play o…

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  • Jadhostgamer072

    Okay, so i have seen a lot of users removing content from pages, and put opinions on them. Like for example: Somebody on Jimbo page putted his quote as "S*XY" and putted many violent language, another example is Guy Diamond , somebody putted on his appearnace "He looks like trash" and then somebody removed all of the content on that page! Im getting tired of these vandals and i want somebody to stop them! 

    GUYS! If you see a vandal, report one to a admin ASAP! This wiki needs to get rid of these vandals!

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  • Rorosilky5

    I don't know about you guys... but someone has been putting non-Dreamworks related images and I believe it may be a hacker or a hater. If you guys seen him or her, report to the admins as soon as possible. Rorosilky5 (talk) 07:52, August 7, 2017 (UTC)

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  • BradenJamesBingham

    What happened to DreamWorks Animation wiki?

    Dreamworks Animation wiki is supposed to be similar to Disney wiki, since Dreamworks and Disney both start with D, and what happened to the character inboxes for all character pages?

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  • Jonharoldmeyer

    I Jon Harold Meyer need to go to DreamWorks Animation to make a 98 or 108 minute theatrical feature film called Rocky & Bullwinkle When Moose Met Squirrel which is a prequel to the 2014 short film which would explain how Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle Moose meet for the very first time and how Boris Badenov  Natasha Fatale and Fearless Leader would want to kill them. Gary Trousdale should direct the movie since he never ever directed a movie at DreamWorks Animation. All he did was direct shorts and specials. And my friend on FaceBook Ellis Amir Rogers wants to make a new 6 minute theatrical short film with Super Chicken. Then i will make a 48 or 78 minute Valentines Day special of Mr. Peabody & Sherman where Sherman wants Penny to be h…

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  • RRabbit42

    Infobox overhaul

    July 2, 2017 by RRabbit42

    As part of getting things cleaned up here, the time has come to overhaul the Infoboxes.

    The purpose of an Infobox is to give you the highlights of a subject in a standardized way. For example, nutrition labels with the calories and the serving size is an Infobox for food sold in stores. It's a brief list to cover the important points.

    The Infoboxes here have steadily been growing past the point of highlighting the important points into being used the present most (or sometimes all) of the details about that character. Examples:

    • Marty from the Madagascar movies: 36 descriptions in the Personality section and 19 allies
    • Lola from Shark Tale: 24 descriptions in the Personality section
    • Gladys Sharp from Over the Hedge: 14 descriptions in the Personality…

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  • RRabbit42

    In stories and in real life, there are patterns. Many of them are in the way the stories themselves are written. A common one is the "three-act structure". It goes like this:

    1. Introduce your characters and the world they live in. Something happens that gives them a goal and their life won't be the same ever again.
    2. They attempt to fix the problem but don't have the skills or information to do it yet. They learn more about themselves and what they can do.
    3. The pieces start coming together. The story and its subplots are resolved. The climax is where it gets exciting and intense.

    A "four-act structure" splits point 2 in half so there's an attempt to fix the problem. It should have worked but didn't. Fall back, regroup, try again. Continue with poin…

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  • Davidjimnez

    Due to the latest incident on WikiShrek ( I feel it is time to award new admin roles to people on this wiki as we only seem to two active admins right now (me and RRabbit42).

    Comment on this blog and tell me what skills you can offer us and I will start by awarding you a "Rollback" Position and will agree a specific Primary Role for you to have on the wiki.

    If you then continue to prove your worth upon the wiki as time goes by I may then award you a "Sysop" Position.

    Primary Roles can include the following...

    Wiki Discussion Article Quality Control Anti-vandals Category article management Making and managing templates Image management Repairing links Chat moderators (plus anything else that can be deter…

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hi Guys. I am still reviewing the Dreamworks Animated movies. This one will cover the next 8 films as usual. Here we go.

    I read the Captain Underpants books when I was in Elementary School. So naturally, I loved it as a kid. So I was intrigued about this newly apapted film. I wasn't sure if it was going to be good or it was going to suck. The, I'd probably say a little of both. Let's look at the good stuff first. The best thing about it is its humor-mainly when everyone was laughing at Professor Poopypants' name. Hearing the word diarrhea was in the middle was gross and funny. The animation was also really good. Much like The Peanuts Movie, it looked exactly like its source material, while still being computer animated. Kevin H…

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  • 867239

    Voltron (film)

    June 8, 2017 by 867239

    Hi everyone, If I knew they were going to make a movie of Voltron, Here leave a proposal, leave your comments.

    • Nicholas Hoult as Keith Kogane
    • Ryan Potter as Lance
    • John Cena as Sven
    • Josh Gad as Hunk
    • Odeya Rush as Pidge
    • Ginnifer Goodwin as Allura
    • David Spade as Coran
    • Robert Downey Jr. as Alfor
    • Nicolas Cage as King Zarkon
    • Jane Lynch as Haggar
    • Jemaine Clement as Commander Yukar
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  • Kitsunes97

    Help Wanted

    June 5, 2017 by Kitsunes97

    This wiki: need help to add information of Pages of Characters and Plot of Surf's Up 2: WaveMania.

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  • Aaronhardy5

    Madagascar 4: Asia Getaway is a upcoming 2018 American 3D computer-animated action comedy adventure film, produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is the fourth installment of the Madagascar series and a sequel to Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. It is also the first in the series to be released in 3D. The film is directed by Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath, and Conrad Vernon. It made its world premiere at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival on June 17 2018.

    The film received generally positive reviews, but under-performed, grossing $373 million worldwide against it's $132 million budget. The film's performance forced another write-down for the studio.

    In this film, Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria had enough journey to…

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  • Aaronhardy5

    The Groups of Cats are a group of alley cats with a Bronx accents. However they resent getting along and tend to argue and fight with each other - not only using their fists, but sometimes small baseball bats. Scary! In Tokyo they have been hurt into the people and attacked by the old man too.

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  • Aaronhardy5


    May 29, 2017 by Aaronhardy5

    Hyenas are the secondary antagonist of Madagascar 4: Asia Getaway.

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  • Aaronhardy5

    Mr. Drake Begum

    May 10, 2017 by Aaronhardy5

    Mr. Drake Begum is the main antagonist of Madagascar 4: Asia Getaway. He is voiced by Vince Vaughn.

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  • Aaronhardy5

    Theo is an engineer Asian otter and a member of Animal Protections. He also appears in the film Madagascar 4: Asia Getaway.

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  • Aaronhardy5


    May 6, 2017 by Aaronhardy5

    Ria is a Brazilian red and green macaw and Animal Protection's intelligence analyst.

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  • Aaronhardy5


    May 6, 2017 by Aaronhardy5

    Mao is a Asian elephant, Strong heroic (with a Bit of Kindness inside), and a member of Animal Protections.

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  • Aaronhardy5


    April 26, 2017 by Aaronhardy5

    Kaya is the secondary tritagonist in Madagascar 4: Asia Getaway. She is Marty's love interest. She is voiced by Taraji P. Henson.

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  • Aaronhardy5


    April 24, 2017 by Aaronhardy5

    Calvo is the black panther leader of the spiritual high-tech animal helpers 'Animal Protections'. and the Deuteragonist in Madagascar 4: Asia Getaway.

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  • Davidjimnez

    1. Shrek 2 

    2. Shrek the Third

    3. Shrek Forever After

    4. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

    5. Kung Fu Panda 2

    6. Kung Fu Panda 

    7. How to Train Your Dragon 2

    8. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

    9. The Croods

    10. Puss in Boots

    11. Madagascar

    12. Kung Fu Panda 3

    13. How to Train Your Dragon

    14. Shrek

    15. Home (2015)

    16. Monsters Vs. Aliens

    17. Penguins of Madagascar

    18. Shark Tale

    19. Trolls

    20. Over the Hedge

    21. Megamind

    22. Rise of the Guardians

    23. Bee Movie

    24. Turbo

    25. Mr. Peabody & Sherman

    26. Chicken Run

    27. The Prince of Egypt

    28. Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

    29. Flushed Away

    30. Antz

    31. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

    32. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

    33. The Road to El Dorado

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  • Cmonster677

    In the South Land there's a

    down on the river

    Where the women are very pretty

    And all the men deliver 

    They got musicIt's always playin'

    Start in the day time, go all through the night

    When you hear that music playin'Hear what I'm saying, it make you feel alright  Grab somebody, come on down Bring your paintbrush, we're paintin' the town.

    Honey, there's some sweetness goin' 'round Catch it down in New Orleans (musical intro) 

    We got magic, good and badMake you happy or make you real sad Get everything you want, lose what you had

    Down here in New Orleans Hey partner, don't be shy Come on down here and give us a try

    You wanna do some livin' before you dieDo it down in New Orleans (musical intro) 

    Stately homes and mansionsOf the Sugar Barons and the Co…

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  • Loveable Cats

    This is a blog about Spike from Flushed Away. 

    I've been reading this wiki, and for some reason it says that Spike reformed (although he didn't). I've been reading pages called Spike (Flushed Away), List of DreamWorks Animation Villains' Defeats/Gallery and List of DreamWorks Animation Villains' Defeats and all three of those pages said that Spike reforms at the end of Flushed Away but he doesn't.

    I've also read Spike's revision history on his page and two users named Anthony9 and Karlamon9 think that Willaims is his last name (although it isn't).

    Here's some questions I need to ask about Spike.

    Did Spike reform? No! he did not. He's still a villain.

    Is Williams his last name? No! it's not. His last name isn't comfirmed. 

    Is he friends with Rodd…

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  • GamingDude1234

    contestant pic

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  • Smv19

    Dreamworks Movie Rankings

    November 28, 2016 by Smv19
    1. Kung Fu Panda 2 
    2. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 
    3. Monsters vs. Aliens
    4. Madagascar 
    5. Kung Fu Panda 3 
    6. Shrek the Third
    7. Mr. Peabody and Sherman 
    8. Bee Movie 
    9. Captain Underpants
    10. Penguins of Madagascar 
    11. Kung Fu Panda 
    12. Trolls 
    13. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 
    14. The Croods 
    15. Rise of the Guardians 
    16. How to Train Your Dragon 
    17. Shrek 2 
    18. Turbo 
    19. Puss in Boots 
    20. Shark Tale 
    21. Antz 
    22. How to Train Your Dragon 2 
    23. Boss Baby
    24. Shrek 
    25. Megamind 
    26. Over the Hedge 
    27. Home 
    28. Shrek Forever After
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  • RRabbit42

    How to avoid being blocked

    September 24, 2016 by RRabbit42

    Two years ago, I was asked the following question:

    Hi! I'm new here, can someone please tell me the rules so I'm not blocked again? Thanks :)

    At the time, I gave this answer:

    Each wiki has their own rules beyond the basics that Wikia requires. Those are typically in Category:Policy or Category:Policies, and a few others might be in Category:Help, so searching for those on a wiki is a good start.
    Another one to look for is a block policy. This will list the general subjects and actions that will result in someone being blocked. A good policy will also list how long each infraction will be blocked for and what to do for repeat offenders, so that administrators can be consistent when dealing with problem users. If a wiki doesn't have a block policy,…
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  • Trisha2


    July 28, 2016 by Trisha2

    Do you think maybe there are two Rumpelstiltskins and the one in Shrek the Third overheard Rumpelstiltskin saying his own name and stole it?

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  • XD1

    Hiccup and Toothless return to Netflix this Friday along with your favorite Dragon Riders in all-new action-packed DREAMWORKS DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE episodes! Check out this exclusive clip, and get ready for some high flying action!

    The high-stakes continue as the Riders advance in their hunt for Viggo, Ryker and their expanded Dragon Hunter army. Tune in as the Riders encounter new dragons, a seemingly reformed Dagur, an underground Dragon Fighting arena, and learn along the way that Viggo has a Dragon Eye and dragon fortress! The riders discover the rare Buffalord dragon while searching for a cure for the Scurge of Odin. Turns out moving it is even harder than finding it.

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  • Iso33

    SO, let's get started, shouldn't we?

    Okay here we Go:

    • (I yes I mean me) am a actual scratch mit edu user aka known as Dariafan
    • I own a productions thing also known as Dariafan Productions!
    • am a HUGE fan of Doctor Who, Descendants, and Penguins of Madagascar (2014)

    Oh, right... you want to know what are my top 4 villains so here!:

    1. Maioi
    2. Evil Kair
    3. Evil King
    4. Evil Kair II 
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  • Ratigan6688

    Okey dokey, this will be my last set of Dreamworks reviews until I get 8 films to cover this blog and move on the next when more come out and so on and so forth. This blog will over from Turbo until Boss Baby.

    I don't really know if I can call Turbo a really good or really bad movie. There some pretty decent things about it, but also a lot of other things that feel like there was little effort put into it. Let's look at the good stuff for now. I'd say the movie's biggest strength is its colors. Black snails, blue snails, purple snails, and so many more. It's like we're watching a movie with tiny little rain bows. Now sadly, I must talk about the things that make Turbo choppy and kind of weak. Turbo's relationship with the taco guy I feel is…

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hi Guys. Here is part 3 of my review blogs for the Dreamworks animated movies. This part will be covering Monsters vs Aliens through The Croods.

    When Monsters vs Aliens was coming out, I wasn't too sure of it. I thought the title was lazy, since there really isn't too much of a difference between them, and Dreamworks broke its 2 films per year tradition and released only this film in the spring. But for what it was, I thought it was a pretty good flick. I admire how this was the first Dreamworks female, human-ish protagonist at least, and the monsters seemed like her comic relief sidekicks. That's pretty sweet. Susan, or Ginormica as the government renames her is a delightful heroine. Reese Witherspoon's voice work makes he…

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hey Guys. Here's part 2 on my opinions on the Dreamworks Animated films.

    Naturally, I loved Madagascar when it came out. But looking back, I find it even better, considering what they did with this movie. It's animation is cartoony, but it has great humor and story that makes it very engaging. Probably the best thing about the story is that it's one that I have not seen before, or at least the portion where Alex is sucummbing to his wild side. It shows how a predator like Alex is willing to put his friendship before his appetite. But of course, the humor is the even better part of the movie. For instance, the wacky faces and movements are totally awesome like when Alex moves quickly or falls-things like that. Chris Rock does a great perform…

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hi Everyone. I am Ratigan6688. For my first few blogs, I am going to review my opinions on the Dreamworks animated movies. A lot of them have brought new views of animation with great stories, drama, and of course comedy. Now there are a couple things I should say. One, Antz and Rise of the Guardians are the only 2 films I won't be covering since I know little about them or don't have anything to say. Also, since there are a lot, I will be doing 8 films per blog. So let's hear what I have to say, shall we? This is part one of my opinions on the Dreamworks animated films,

    I'm sad to say, but Prince of Egypt was not really my thing. The first reason is because I had a difficult time being in church, and technically, this is a film about a sto…

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  • Iso33

    Classified gif

    December 31, 2015 by Iso33

    there is now a Classified gif! link here:

    and here is the photo but made differently:

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  • Witnessme
    Coming to Netflix on 12/24 is a all-new original family sitcom: Dawn of the Croods from DreamWorks Animation. Check out the trailer below!


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  • Iso33

    The North Wind and Penguins

    November 24, 2015 by Iso33

    The North Wind and penguins, BOTH make a return in Evilsendants and The Doctor! 

    Son of Corporal: John

    Daughter of Classified: Lonni

    Daughter of Eva: Evia

    Son of Short Fuse: Richard

    Son of Skipper: Skip

    Daughter of Private: Winter

    Daughter of Kowalski: Sonia

    Son of Rico: Damien

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  • Masha3434

    Dreamworks Princesses

    August 24, 2015 by Masha3434

    The franchise spotlights a line-up of fictional female heroines who have appeared in various DreamWorks animated feature films. The franchise currently comprises eleven female protagonists from different films.

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  • MrBlonde267

    Hey Dreamworks fans!

    To celebrate the release of Home on Blu-ray we're giving out five free copies to you, the hardcore fans. Home is available now on Digital HD and on Blu-ray and DVD July 28th! You can also purchase it on iTunes with the full special features included. Check out how you can enter to win below!

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  • MrBlonde267

    Official Rules for Home on Blu-ray Giveaway Contest.


    2. Promotion Description.

    The Home on Blu-ray Giveaway Contest Contest (the “Promotion") is a sweepstakes promotion where individuals who create an account and leave a comment on the blog (note: you must be logged in to leave a comment) will be eligible to be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Accounts and blog entries completed from 12:01 on July 20, 2015 to 23:59 on August 3, 2015 (the “Promotion Period”) will be eligible to win one (1) prize.

    Five (5) winners will each win the following:

    The Prize: A copy of the movie "Home" on Blu-ray

    3. How To Enter. You will automatically be entered into the Promotion by creating an account and l…

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  • RRabbit42 defines a "foofaraw" as "a great fuss or disturbance about something very insignificant". For about two years now, I have been dealing with one of these kinds of situations that I began calling "antagonist fussing".

    Starting back then, I noticed that there were a small group of people who seemed to be spending a lot of time trying to say what kind of an antagonist characters are. They'd change their minds so many times and so frequently that I started viewing it as a form of vandalism, especially when I saw them contradict themselves and hide the fact that they were undoing changes other people were making so their antagonist label would be brought back. And some of these would contradict themselves across more than one wiki …

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  • ThePK

    "Home" Exclusive Clip

    June 26, 2015 by ThePK

    Home, the hit DreamWorks movie about a young Earth girl and a lost Boov has just been released on Digital HD. As of today, Home is available on Digital HD and will be on Blu-ray and DVD July 28th!

    Wikia received early access to this deleted scene from Home. Check it out below!

    Purchase on Home on iTunes to get this deleted scene and other fun bonus features.
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  • ThatCreativeKid7605

    ThatCreativeBlog Edition 1- Introduction

    Hello, Creativiteers, welcome to ThatCreativeBlog! In my blog posts, you can find wikia news, opinions, and all things ThatCreativeKid7605! Feel free to comment your opinions (all positive things, please)! Enjoy!

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  • Jeff Meredith

    Instead of instrumental music all the way through, here are songs that should've been there:

    • Dumpling Warrior Remix
    • True to Your Heart by 98 Degrees & Stevie Wonder
    • Instrumental music
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  • Concernedalien11780

    This is the Dreamworks Animation Wiki. The layout, while somwhat sloppy, is good enough to hold every insignificant detaiil for films produced under the Dreamworks Animation label. The people, even moreso, with their constant obsession with shipping the Rise of the Guardians incarnation of Jack Frost with Elsa from Disney's Frozen. One of the better things about it are the contents of the films. While other wikis have Disney or Pixar films, we have Dreamworks Animation films. Who could believe that a project that started with a more irreverent version of A Bug's Life eventually became probably the only true competitor to the Disney animation empire? From the Aardman Animation films that came out to the one-and-done films to the franchise s…

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  • RRabbit42

    This is a bit late because I didn't realize they had started so early, but there is still time before next week.

    Regal Entertainment Group, which runs the Regal Theaters, has a sweepstakes going on right now where you can win a family trip to Las Vegas. The prize is for two adults and two children under 12, with the following events during the trip:

    • Express tickets to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Vegas.
    • Private gondola ride.
    • Fast track tickets to the New York, New York rollercoaster ride.
    • 70 minute helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, with hotel pickup and drop-off, refreshments and soft drinks

    The sweepstakes is running from March 13 through April 10, 2015 at 11:59pm Eastern. You can enter in three ways:

    • Purchase a ticket to Home with your …
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  • RRabbit42

    In preparation for the upcoming release of Penguins of Madagascar, Hostess has been running a sweepstakes with a chance to win a cruise or $5000 cash. It started last month on 2/23/2015 and will end on April 30, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

    The way you enter this sweepstakes is by downloading the Hostess Hoops game. It's available for free through iTunes for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus and iPads running iOS 7.0 or later, and through Google Play for Android devices running at least version 4.1. It's a flick-to-shoot basketball game featuring Twinkie the Kid and the Penguins. If you scan barcodes on the packages of Twinkies and Cup Cakes, you get Power-Ups. It will also give you coupons and let you enter the sweepstakes.

    The official rules are l…

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  • RRabbit42

    Call for admins

    February 15, 2015 by RRabbit42

    There are quite a few changes going on with DreamWorks and the wiki right now:

    • Home is the next movie to be released and it will be next month.
    • Interest by members of the wiki in other DreamWorks projects, such as Real Steel and the Transformers movies, instead of just the animated moves and series.
    • The big shakeup at DreamWorks itself last month, which resulted in a lot of changes to release dates and what would actually be released.
    • Some of the series like DreamWorks Dragons moving to Netflix and new series being released exclusively there instead of a traditional TV network. This article says it will be "300 hours of original programming", which could be as much as 600 episodes.

    In order to get this wiki up to speed, I'm going to do something that …

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  • CosmoRocks

    Dreamworks font

    July 28, 2014 by CosmoRocks

    Ok, first of all, XD1 made a "Welcome to the dreamworks wiki" picture and I know he used the actual dreamworks font

    2nd, what font did he/she use and do not say that it is Georgia bold or Palatino Linotype bold because it is not any of those 2 fonts. Or, MAKE the dreamworks font and put it on the internet

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