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Dr. Blowhole is an antagonist from The Penguins of Madagascar. He is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.


Dr. Blowhole is a bottlenose dolphin who first appeared in Dr. Blowhole's Revenge, though it is clear that the Penguins have known him for a long time.

Originally using the persona, "Flippy", Dr. Blowhole performed tricks at the aquarium in Coney Island. His signature trick was jumping through "The Ring of Fire", which may be what caused the cyborg replacement on his right eye.

As revenge on the humans, Dr. Blowhole sets about to create his own "Ring of Fire", which are a series of towers designed to melt the polar ice caps to flood the Earth. This was destroyed by King Julien, who was acting as a double agent.

Dr. Blowhole returns sometime later to apprehend Skipper, and nearly kills him by beating him and throwing him in the ocean wiping his memory in the process. Leaving Skipper on a deserted island, Blowhole uses his memories to locate the HQ. A series of mishaps, and unexplained singing, allows Blowhole to nearly take control of New York City. However, he is once again foiled by the Penguins. His own memory is wiped away, and he is forced to resume his former role as "Flippy". His memory was returned by his henchman Parker in the unaired season 3 episode, The Penguin Who Loved Me and it was revealed that Doris the dolphin is his sister. He was once again defeated.

Dr. Blowhole has skin that is surprisingly pleasant to the touch and a beautiful voice "for villainous scum". He mispronounces the word "penguin" instead saying, "pen-gyu-in."

Kowalski had determined that this is "just to tick the Penguins off." In The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole, he shows his singing skills in a beautiful song named Porpoise Power Ballad.