Season 4, Episode 7
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"Bridge" is the forty-sixth episode of Dinotrux and the finale of season four.


Ty and his friends are locked in battle with D-Structs and his cohorts near a large chasm, and are saved from being driven off the edge by the timely arrival of Crunk and Chunk. The Cementasaurs then turn the attention of the Trux to the other side of the chasm, where a group of assorted Trux has arrived in search of Ty after losing their home to a volcano. Eager to get the Trux across, Ty and his friends attempt to build a temporary bridge for them only for it to fall apart. However, Ty then realizes that the answer is to build a permanent bridge, which will remain not only as a route across the chasm but as a symbol of welcome to all Trux.

As work advances on the bridge, D-Structs and his allies realize that the influx of Trux will give Ty and company even more allies against them, and decide to use the structure to their own benefit. As the bridge is completed, a trap designed by Skrap-It activates, leaving Ty and his friends trapped on the bridge with D-Structs and his allies. However, the Trux and tools are able to overcome the equal numbers by working together against their foes. With the trap disabled, the other Trux are able to get into the Crater, forcing D-Structs and his allies into retreat.





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