Bug Seller (Ep. 04)

Bug Seller is a male frog selling bugs from the Netflix TV series Kulipari: An Army of Frogs.


When the veil was raised around the Amphibilands and the frogs were hiding, Bug Seller had sold bugs all his life. But when the Frogs learned that the scorpions had broken the veil, they had to be trained to fight them. And when Darel brought Kulipari Four to help them, they beat the scorpions for a moment. But when the frogs lowered the veil and Lord Marmoo and his troops made another attack, they disappeared and were driven to the desert. But Darel knew what to do with the Rainbow Serpent. And when Darel and Quoba fell the rock and the frogs, the platypuses, the good scorpions, and the spiders received water, they founded a new village called Nova Australis.

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