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Bunty the Hen is one of the main characters of Chicken Run. She is one of Ginger's best friends.

Bunty is the champion egg-layer and group cynic who is the most skeptical of Ginger's escape plans.


She is a big red burly welsummer hen. She has short pink hair and wears a blue necklace.


Bunty is blunt, cantankerous, insensitive, lion-hearted, skeptical, sarcastic, unrefined, blokish, cynical, nihilistic, violent, assertive, short-tempered, and possesses a very sarcastic wit, but despite her prickliness, she always helps others in need, and if they seem wise, she will support other's ideas. After so many failed attempts at escape, she had a very depressing outlook on life, but she overcame this once she made it to the sanctuary.


Chicken Run


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