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[[File:Rise-guardians-disneyscreencaps_com-246.jpg|thumb|Burgess Colonial village in 1712]]
[[File:Rise-guardians-disneyscreencaps_com-246.jpg|Burgess Colonial village in 1712]]
*'''Location:''' Pennsylvania, USA
*'''Location:''' Pennsylvania, USA

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Burgess Colonial village in 1712

  • Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Burgess is the small hometown of Jack Frost when he was human and as a winter spirit. When he was human, Jack lived in Burgess with his parents and his little sister. As a winter spirit Jack lives in the snowy forest by the frozen lake because it was his first memory as Jack Frost.

The town is also the home of Jamie Bennett, his little sister Sophie and his friends: Pippa, Cupcake, Monty and the twins, Claude and Caleb. They are also the children who helped the Guardians in their final battle with Pitch Black.

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