Captain Hook is a minor character in Shrek 2 and an antagonist in Shrek the Third.

Role in films

Shrek 2

Hook appeared in the The Poison Apple bar in Shrek 2, where he made cameo appearances. He also played a grand piano and sang, "Little Drop Of Poison", and "People Just Ain't No Good".

Shrek the Third

Hook appeared in Shrek the Third, as a villain working for Prince Charming. He appears to be one of Prince Charming's main men, since he is the leader of the pirates and a dangerous man. Like in the Shrek the Third videogame, he attacked Shrek and company. However, unlike in the game, he attacked at Merlin's home, instead of the clearing in the forest. He escapes when his hook hand gets stuck to a fleeing tree. During the end of the movie, he gives up being a villain and goes to live the life he always wanted (having been inspired by Artie's speech, like all the other villains).

Video Game Appearances

He also appeared in the video game of the third film, where he was in a level called "Forest Ambush," where he once again played the grand piano on a gigantic log, while his pirates and some evil trees attempt to destroy Shrek and Artie . Captain Hook was singing his own song called "I'm Evil". At the end of the level, Captain Hook got up and claimed that his plan (which was merely sending wave after wave of pirates, evil trees and a few cannons) "didn't work out as he planned". He then told Shrek that Fiona was in the royal prison, guarded by witches and knights, and even worse, the Cyclops. Artie then said (in a sarcastic manner) that "it was a good thing that he didn't say 'Pirates'", because he was "scared that he was going to say that, given how scary they were". Captain Hook told Artie that he's rubbing it in again, which he was. Shrek and Artie then left to go rescue Fiona.

Hook also appeared in the video game Shrek Super Slam as an unlockable character. His Super Slam is that he creates a giant hook and slashes around with that.



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