“Cementasaurs (episode)”
Season 3, Episode 11
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Dinotrux Episodes

"Cementasaurs" is the thirty-fourth episode of Dinotrux.


While forging new parts at the lava channels, the Reptools discover that lava is starting to leak out. After trying and failing to block the leaks with scrap, Ty and the tools head out into the Outlands in search of a stronger type of rock. This leaves Dozer, Ton-Ton, and Skya to try and contain the leaks as best they can, though Dozer and Skya are initially more concerned with who's to be in charge of the operation. After some searching, Ty and the tools come across a mysterious area covered in an unusual type of rock, and then run into a pair of Cementasaurs named Crunk and Chunk.

The antisocial Trux, believing that Ty wants to destroy everything they've built in their territory, trap him in a pool of slowly hardening cement. Waldo, who suggested the trip to the Outlands in the first place, goes after the pair to convince them to help save Ty. Unfortunately, they are attacked in the process by Scrapadactyls, but Waldo's quick-thinking enables Ty to escape. With the predators driven off, Crunk and Chunk come to the lava channels and seal them, to the relieve of all the Trux-particularly Ton-Ton, who ended up taking charge when Skya and Dozer kept bickering.





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