Chad and Todd are two royal guards to King Gristle Jr., who is king of the Bergens.

When Chef arrives at the castle 20 years after being banished, Chad and Todd were surprised when she revealed that she captured the snack pack and were joyed when she and Prince Gristle declared that they were bringing back trollstice. Later on they and the other castle guards were preparing the dining hall for trollstice. They also accompanied King Gristle when he was at a store looking for a new bib and applaud with the storekeeper, Bibbly, when he finds one he likes. At trollstice when it is discovered that the trolls are gone, Chef orders them and the other castle guards to imprison Bridget but before they do, the snack pack arrive, reveal to King Gristle that Bridget was his secret date and then reveal that the bergens don't need to eat trolls in order to be happy because happiness is already inside of them all. They then dance and sing with the rest of the bergen throughout bergen town.

It was revealed in the Trolls Holiday: Deluxe Novelization that Chad and Todd are identical twin brothers.

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