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Why is this confusing?! I'm not a girl!

Chet is the deuteragonist in the DreamWorks film, Turbo. He is Theo's older brother and polar opposite.

Overly cautious and always practical, he is the realist to Turbo's dreamer. Chet's number one priority is to keep his brother safe and alert, and, even when at the speeds of light and sound, to let his brother be careful, brave and prepared, especially when Turbo is fast enough to enter the race and Turbo is his biggest challenge at succeeding in that task!



Chet is cautious and always practical; the realist to Turbo's dreamer. He cares deeply for his brother, but is constantly embarrassed by his obsession with speed. Over time he comes to accept it and encourages him to pursue his dream and win the race, in addition to facing his fears.


  • Chet is played by Paul Giamatti.
  • Chet is similar to Tito's older brother, Angelo who is not a dreamer like Chet.
  • Chet bit Tito's finger because he thought that Chet was a girl.



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