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Chief Edjo Tannabok, or simply known as Chief Tanni, is a character in The Road to El Dorado.


The Chief has a friendly and jolly relationship with Miguel and Tulio. Initially; the Chief was following their will as respect to what he thought was gods. He also led many feasts, festivals and games involving the duo, and as a result developed a mutual respect for Miguel: to the point where the Chief maintained Miguel's ruse as a false god once he began to suspect Miguel's mortality.

Tzekel-Kan and the Chief were quite cooperative with each other (before Tzekel-Kan unleashed his stone jaguar onto the city), especially since Tzekel-Kan's role as a priest complemented the Chief's political power and vise versa. It is likely that Tzekel-Kan allied himself with the Chief primarily to maintain influence over El Dorado rather than any actual loyalty.

The Chief has also shown to have a loud voice, allowing him to command his followers when effectively. While normally a laidback pacifist; the Chief will waste no time in mobilizing his people or preparing his army if necessary.

Role in Film

Not much is known about the Chief before the events of the film; however he is shown to have a large family with his wife and multiple children and that the citizens of El Dorado follow and respect him.

The Chief first appears welcoming Tulio and Miguel, the "gods," to El Dorado. he assists the newcomers, offers them refuge, and listens to them better than Tzekel-Kan. He offers his army as part of a sports game. He was completely fooled by the "gods," until Miguel slipped up on advising the boat. The chief simply told him "To err is only human," and let him stay as long as he wants.

When Cortes arrived, he prepared his army until Miguel stopped him. Miguel convinced him to help Tulio with his plan.


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