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Chunky is a macawnivore and is a supporting character as well as the (former) main antagonist of The Croods. At the end of the film, he becomes friends with the Croods and Grug's pet.


Role in the film

He likes chasing the Croods, but is scared of the dark. Grug helps him and himself escape back to their family.

When Grug and Guy are stuck in tar, they make a puppet ressembling a female of Macawnivore's species to fool him into getting them out. Macawnivore rushes to save her, but after realising the trick, he corners the two, only to be held back by tar.


He is happy at the end of the film as Grug's new pet and races against Bearowl at the end.


He is a green mix of a Smilodon with the coloration of a macaw.