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[[Category:Neutral Characters]]
[[Category:Neutral Characters]]
[[Category:Edwina Cikin run]]
[[Category:Edwina Cikin run]]

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File:Circus man.jpgThe Circus Man was a circus man (hence his name). He was voiced by John Sharian.   He came to the Tweedys' Farm to look for Rocky the Flying Rooster the main star in his circus who escaped after being shot out of a cannon during his performance. He told Mrs. Tweedy that Rocky was very vauble to which she and Mr. Tweedy help the Circus Man look for Rocky around the farm but luckily Ginger manages to hide Rocky and they eventually give up their search and the Cirus Man leaves possibly forcing him to find a new animal to be the star of his show.


His hair resembles Mrs. Tweedy's hair. His nose resembles Mrs. Tweedy's nose.

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