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|family =
|family =
|pets =
|pets =
|friends = [[Skipper]], [[Rico]], [[Private]], [[Kowalski]], [[Eva]], [[Corporal]], [[Short Fuse]], penguins
|friends = [[Skipper]], [[Rico]], [[Private]], [[Kowalski]], [[Eva]], [[Corporal]], [[Short Fuse]]
|enemies = [[Dr. Octavius Brine]],
|enemies = [[Dr. Octavius Brine]],
|likes = Protecting The Penguins, Stopping Dave, Saving The Zoo
|likes = Protecting The Penguins, Stopping Dave, Saving The Zoo

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Classified is the Grey Wolf leader of the Arctic high-tech animal organization 'North Wind'.


Physical Appearance

Classified is a very slender Grey Wolf, with wide cheeks and short legs. He also has a long torso, and teal-blue eyes. His pelt color is grey, with a white underbelly and four white socks. Classified has very wide eyebrows, and always wears a utility belt around his lower stomach.


Classified has a very serious attitude, often irritated by the Penguin's actions. He doesn't like to be interrupted, and takes pleasure in stealing the spotlight. As the movie progresses, Classified warms up to the Penguins, and eventually asks forgiveness over how he misjudged them.


Penguins of Madagascar



  • Classified's real name is never disclosed throughout the entire movie.
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