“'No, my name isn't "Classified", my name IS classified because I am the leader of this strike team.'
―Classified to Skipper[src]

Classified is the Siberian Husky leader of the Arctic high-tech zoological organization "North Wind" in Penguins of Madagascar.


Physical Appearance

Classified is a very slender husky, with wide cheeks and short legs. He also has a long torso, and teal-blue eyes. His pelt color is grey, with a white underbelly and four white socks. Classified has very wide eyebrows, and always wears a utility belt around his lower stomach.


Classified has a very serious attitude, often irritated by the Penguin's actions. He doesn't like to be interrupted, and takes pleasure in stealing the spotlight. As the movie progresses, Classified warms up to the Penguins, and eventually asks forgiveness over how he misjudged them.


Penguins of Madagascar

Classified first appears in Venice along with his team to save the penguins from a group of octopi. He swings down from the North Wind plane and tells the penguins to remain calm and that they are now under the protection of the North Wind. On the way to their headquarters, Classified is unimpressed by the penguins on first impression and easily annoyed by them, especially Skipper.

At their headquarters, Classified explains on how they protect helpless animals like penguins around the world with the penguins barely listening and paying attention. He demands them to give him information that they know about there abduction by Dr. Octavius Brine. Classified is clearly impressed and surprised learning that the penguins stole the medusa serum, but when Dave appears on screen, Classified takes all the credit without acknowledging the penguins at all. Learning Dave's plans, Classified doesn't want any of the penguins interfering, shipping them to a safe house located in Madagascar.


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  • Classified's real name is never disclosed throughout the entire movie.
  • He was given a chinese name Ng Gwong Dak (吳廣德) in Hong Kong, a running pun with 唔講得 (ng4 gong2 dak2), which mean "Classifled" in Cantonese.
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