Clemson is a character from The Penguins of Madagascar.


Clemson is a lemur that was shown in Right Hand Man. Even though Clemson appeared innocent at first, he was evil. Clemson's plot was to move up to the kings "right hand man" and then transfer Julien to Hoboken so he could take over as king. However, thanks to Maurice and Mort, they along with the penguins were able to stop him before he succeeded, at which he was transferred to Hoboken instead of Julien.

He appears again in The Hoboken Surprise. In the beginning, he is shown to be very happy at the new and improved Hoboken Zoo. It is later reveled that this Clemson was a robotic duplicate, and the real one was being imprisoned below the zoo. After escaping in the belly of Savio, he participates in the final battle against the robot duplicates. His personality in this episode remains very descriptive and extravagant, though he doesn't appear to be as power hungry.

He appears again in King Me where he tries again to take over as king. The penguins use their brain switching machine to help Julien defeat Clemson. When Julien and Rico switch brains Julien succeeds but when Clemson discovered their brain switching machine he succeeds and Julien switched brains with Private, Kowalski and Skipper he failed so when Clemson tries to get the animals to worship him. Kowalski uses the brain switching machine and switched Juilen and Clemson's brains. Julien in Clemson's body said that Clemson in Juilen's body is king and Juilen in Clemson's body insults the gorillas just before Juilen and Clemson's brains are switched back. When their brains are switched back the gorillas chase Clemson away.


Clemson originally appeared to be subordinate and psychopathic, often using extravagant flattery to gain Julien's favor. He was later revealed to be very power-hungry.

He is very exuberant and descriptive ("You clearly have the wizend, which is good, that means wise!","You'll be number one, that's right, number one! Hahahahahah! that mean's king. Hahahahaha!").


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