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Season 7, Episode 4
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"Goldtrux (episode)"

"Cliffhanger" is the sixty-third episode of Dinotrux and the fourth episode of season seven, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


While Revvit, Waldo, and Ace are engaged in various projects around The Garage, Click-Clack tries to offer his assistance only to cause some mishaps. As a result, his fellow tools are reluctant to let him help, and Click-Clack feels like he has no place on the team. Prop-Top's squadron then arrives with news of a vein of volcanic Ore, which they agree to split with the Trux in exchange for help in extracting it. Prop-Top carries Skya and Ace to the mountain where the Ore is located, and Click-Clack is eventually discovered to have come along hoping to prove himself.

An attack by Stealth Scrapadactyls forces a damaged Prop-Top to flee, while Skya and the two tools are left stranded on the side of the mountain. Working together, the two use a supercharger and various components to upgrade Skya for climbing. They are soon forced to deal with the returning Scrapadactyls, and though the other Pteracopters arrive with Ty and the other Trux they are hard-pressed. Fortunately, Click-Clack is able to figure out a way to get Skya safely to the ground, and later takes a more confident part in helping repair Prop-Top.





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