Cloud Guy is a character from Trolls. He is voiced by Walt Dohrn, who also voices Smidge and Fuzzbert.



Cloud Guy is a very relaxed cloud who enjoys having fun and playing some tricks, which get on some people's nerves--(Like Branch).


Cloud Guy is a very fluffy white cloud that has long blue arms and legs. He wears socks that fall down a little sometimes.


  • He likes high fives and fist bumps.
  • He enjoys getting on people's nerves, but if they get too annoyed and go crazy, (take Branch for example) he gets the idea that he's gone TOO FAR.
  • Branch at first was uncomfortable about Cloud Guy and told Poppy they shouldn't trust him. After Poppy persuaded Branch to give him a shot, he gave in and tried to ask Cloud Guy where to go. He playfully and teasingly "too slowed" him on a high five and then mocked him during the fist bumps. Poppy laughed, understanding he was only messing around and didn't mean any harm, but Branch got so annoyed he chased the poor cloud through a tunnel with two sticks, threatening to attack him. It turned out to be the correct tunnel, apparently, and led them to the Troll Tree.


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